Furniture Re-imagined

All to often we think that we can have comfort but not style.  That we can't take risks for fear of offending or drawing criticism.  I hope that I can help you find both comfort and style but also a sense of audacity in the pieces that are placed in your home.  I hope to help you create something that speaks to who you are. I have a deep respect for the history of the project in front of me and find joy in the nicks and scrapes that tells the story of its life.  I am equally excited to breathe new life into a piece of furniture, creating a one of a kind work that will be loved for many years.

Comfort And Style

I get to the heart of the matter


When I take on a project I never throw new fabric over the old and call it a day.  In taking a piece down to the frame I can see if the supports are still strong and whether the foam is in good condition.  So often the foam is crumbling and joints are coming loose.  I don't want to return a piece to a customer only to have it fall apart in a year.  


About me

 I have always been drawn to working with furniture whether it was working in a museum or on my own projects.  Recently I decided to take on projects for others and now have a lovely micro-business to call my own.  I mainly work on projects for customers but occasionally I find a gem at a second hand shop and work on it for resale.  

Old stain removed and ready for a fresh coat

"Betsy returned to her chair, took off her coat and hat, opened her book and forgot the world again."
                                -Maud Hart Lovelace-


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